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Investments in leverage mean increased risk. You can lose more than you invested.

Securities financing (Leverage)

Borrow money against your shares or other financial assets as security, and you will have more to invest with.

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  • Leverage allows you to invest more than you have

  • Loan-to-value ratio of up to 85 %

  • We only charge interest on used credit

Note: If you are a DNB customer, search "my pages" in share trading. If you are not a customer, see below.

How much does it cost to borrow against securities?

Effective interest rate 7.55 %

You only pay interest on used credit. See prices for securities financing here

Leverage lets you invest more, using what you own as security

Securities financing (leverage) is a type of flexible borrowing that uses assets as security. Using leverage, you can finance additional purchases in the financial markets by using shares, equity certificates, mutual funds, ETFs and bonds as security.

  • Minimum loan NOK 50 000
  • Up to 85 % loan-to-value ratio
  • Available both online and via a broker
  • Only pay interest on credit used
  • Can be combined with a Share savings account

The loan-to-value ratio will vary over time, due to fluctuations in stock market prices and the liquidity of your assets. See lists of possible loan-to-value ratios on different securities further down this page.

Before you decide whether to leverage your investments, you should familiarise yourself with what this means. A high level of risk is involved, and you can lose more than your initial investment. Read more about leverage here.

How to apply for securities financing

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Loan-to-value ratios

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Leverage involves very high risk. Before you use VP financing you should consider whether you can tolerate any consequences.

What you need to know about leverage!

Borrowing the securities you already own allows you to expand your portfolio. However, you will only gain from leverage if your investment increases more over time than what the financing costs you. You must never take higher risks than you tolerate and are comfortable with it!

You decide:

  • which borrowing limit you wish to apply for (minimum NOK 50 000);
  • when you want to use the borrowing limit;
  • which securities you want to invest in.

Before you get a loan you must undergo a credit check and your ability to pay must be verified.

Regardless of collateral and loan capacity, we believe such securities loans are best suited for investors who are familiar with and have experience with the financial market. The risk is very high and knowledge gives you greater peace of mind. If the value of your investment falls, we, as a lender, will have to demand additional security from you. You may need to take the loss.

NOTE! In the event of a severe fall in the rate of exchange, you will be able to lose more than the amount invested. It is therefore important that you actively monitor the market if you have loan-financed positions.

Everything you need to know about gearing (securities financing)

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We offer securities financing (borrowing against assets in your portfolio) so you can take on the exposure you wish to have.

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Our prices and terms and conditions

Securities trading is subject to strict rules. We’ve gathered all our terms and conditions onto one page. Here you will find our obligations as an investment firm. In addition, you’ll find information on what you, as a customer, are obliged to familiarise yourself with, and what our services cost.

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