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The FX and Interest Rate Risk Seminar is adapted to businesses, and the course is primarily held in Norwegian

FX and Interest Rate Risk Seminar

A practical seminar for those who want to control financial market risk.

Markets DNB.no
  • Gives a thorough underestanding of the foreign exchange and interest rates market

  • Understand your company’s exposure to commodity prices

  • Learn from the country’s top experts in this area

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Who is this seminar suitable for?

Many businesses have direct exposure to fluctuations in foreign exchange rates and changes in interest rates. Hedging and strategy should therefore be of interest to them. The FX and Interest Rate Risk Seminar is useful for businesses wanting to reduce uncertainty related to changes in foreign exchange rates and interest rates. The course is suitable for anyone working in the company management, finance, finance, sales and purchasing sectors, and who wants to learn more about the commodity markets and risk management.

The FX and Interest Rate Risk Seminar is divided into three sections. Parts I and II provide a basic understanding of the foreign exchange and money markets and the instruments that are used. We thoroughly review how prices are set in the market, fundamental and advanced foreign exchange and money market instruments and how to use the instruments.

Part III of the FX and Interest Rate Risk Seminar provides a practical introduction to risk management and the development of financial strategy. This part first looks at how interest rate and FX risk can be mapped out. We then work on developing financial strategy to manage financial risk in the company.

The seminar’s specific content

Our lecturers know the interest rate and foreign exchange market

The lecturers at DNB Markets’ FX and Interest Rate Risk Seminar are the bank’s own employees who work on challenges related to the market, risk management and customer positioning every day. You are therefore guaranteed up-to-date knowledge backed by a number of real-life examples.

The FX and Interest Rate Risk Seminar

Price of the seminar

Part I: NOK 6,400

Part II: NOK 6,400

Part III: NOK 12,900


Note! Travel expenses are additional

The FX and Interest Rate Risk Seminar - When and where?

Alternative dates Location

Part I

14-15 October 2024

3-4 March 2025

Sanner Hotell, Gran på Hadeland

Part II

25 – 26 November 2024

7-8 April 2025

Sanner Hotell, Gran på Hadeland

Part III

To be decided.

The Commodity Seminar

This course is designed for businesses that deal in commodities or are exposed to commodity prices. The aim of the Commodity Seminar is to teach you how to understand risk associated with exposure to commodity prices and counterparty risk. The course also focuses on managing this risk.

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Get help managing financial risk

Our Risk Advisory department offers businesses support in managing financial risk as a result of currency, interest rate and commodity exposure. We do everything from mapping out and quantifying risk to formulating and implementing financial strategies.

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