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DNB Alpha is the main source for DNBs research and reports. Find company specific reports, top-picks and more

Alexander Aukner
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To the left: picture of DNB Markets Head of research Alexander Aukner


The quality of our analysts is one of the main reasons Investors have voted DNB Markets to the best brokerage firm on Domestic Equity nine years running.

Award-winning analysts

Our macro-analysts has repeatedly been top tier in Prospera Nordics Institutional Investor Surveys. Amongst our team of analysts you find:

Kjersti Haugland, Chief Economist

Knut Magnussen, Senior Economist

Kyrre Aamdal, Senior Economist

Magne Østnor, FX Strategist

Ingvild Borgen Gjerde, FX/FI Analyst

Helge André Martinsen, Senior Analyst

Oddmund Berg, Economist

Kelly Ke-Shu Chen, Economist

Click the name of the analyst and see more information on the analyst as well as a list of their published reports.

Contact information for different markets

DNB Alpha research platform

DNB Alpha research platform where you can find all our research and reports

Macro research in one place

We have gathered all research in our online research portal. Find research on specific companies, latest macro research and other reports from our analyst team at DNB Alpha.

Some of the content is only available to subscribers or our active clients. There is however research and reports available for interested readers.

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