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The information on this page is general. Your company may have specific schemes that differ.

Share savings for employees

Information about buying, selling and owning shares in the company you work in.

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  • Help with buying and selling shares in your own company

  • Full summary of what you own

  • Rules and taxes

You can order access a little further down this page.

Share savings programmes for company employees have existed in Norway since Freia launched their scheme in 1929. Today, almost 7 in 10 exchange-traded Norwegian companies have some form of share savings programs for their employees.

We in DNB Markets help many of the corporations in Norway that have share savings programs. We help employees with the practicalities of buying, selling and holding shares.

Your employer will always give you full details of your company’s offer and the terms and conditions that apply.

Are you an Equinor employee?

As an employee of Equinor, you must first provide proof of identity and establish a trading account (including VPS), before you can purchase shares through their share savings program.

Click the link below to access information specifically for Equinor employees.

For Equinor

You have received an offer to buy shares at work – what to do now?

How can you sell your employee shares?

If you are a DNB customer and have access to the VPS account you have used for savings in our online equity trading service, you can sell your shares in the normal way. Watch our demo videos (below) to see how to do this. If you have another VPS account that cannot be accessed through DNB, you must first transfer the shares to the VPS account that is shown on our equity trading service before you can sell them. We explain this in the video below.

When you buy or sell shares, a brokerage fee is charged. You will also find our price list below.

To trade shares online, you must be a permanent resident of Norway with a Norwegian national identity number or temporary social security number (D-number).

Important information about the lock-in period

Shares with a lock-in period are not blocked. You are responsible for checking how many shares can be transferred without losing your bonus or other benefits.

What if…

How can I check restricted holdings and how can I transfer shares between accounts? (In Norwegian, with English subtitles)

Julie Gusdal tells you how to do this, click by click. (English text can be selected)

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VPS and Investor Services

Read more about the difference between a VPS account, a share savings account (ASK) and a trading account and what Investor Services can do for you.

  • Read more

Securities Services

Securities services help owners and issuers of securities. Their services make the administration of ownership easier.

Employee shares FAQs

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