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Home contents insurance

Covers the belongings you keep in your home – and a little bit more

Young couple moving boxes
  • Unlimited sum insured on contents

  • Get back what your belongings are actually worth

  • Fully comprehensive comes with bad luck insurance

All new customers get fully comprehensive contents insurance

What is home contents insurance?

Home contents insurance covers the value of the belongings in your home. Contents and belongings are the same as items you own and use at home. They are things that can be picked up and moved around, in contrast to the fixtures and fittings that are part of the building.

Examples of contents are clothes, furniture, electronic equipment, sports equipment, bikes, lawnmower and so on. Things stored in the basement, loft and garage also count as contents.

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Price of contents insurance

The cost of the contents insurance depends, among other things, on where you live, what type of house you have, the size of the house, the excess and what coverage you have.

Let us do the work of calculating the price of your contents insurance. All you need to do is give us a bit of information about yourself and your home.

Discounts on insurance

Up to 15% group discount on insurance, and an extra 5% if you are a DNB bank customer.

One price, two insurance policies

Home contents and travel insurance for students and young people aged 18 to 34 years.

Sum insured for especially expensive items

Individual items are compensated with up to NOK 300 000. If you have any items of a higher value, a higher sum insured can be agreed for these. For example, painting, art and wine collections can be insured for up to NOK 500 000.

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Best for claims settlements

Customer assessments provide honest information, and every month bytt.no compares reviews by different insurance customers. Based on our customers' feedback, our insurance company, Fremtind, is ranked among the best for home contents insurance and scores the highest in claims settlement.

See where we score for best in test within insurance, or check the leaderboard for contents insurance at bytt.no

Check what home contents insurance covers

Summary of cover

Fully comprehensive home contents insurance



Legal assistance

Expenses for living away from home after damage


Individual items

See terms and conditions

Money and securities

Up to NOK 30 000

Theft from shed, garage or basement

Up to NOK 200 000

Theft from outside areas

Up to NOK 100 000

Boat/goods trailer for vehicle

Up to NOK 30 000

Loose accessories and vehicle parts (except tyres/rims)

Reconstruction of images, data files, archives etc.

Up to NOK 50 000

Contents of fridge/freezer (temperature change)

Up to NOK 30 000

Theft of bicycle/trailer and children’s buggy

Up to NOK 40 000

Theft from motor vehicle and boat

Up to NOK 30 000


Up to NOK 40 000

Theft of/from bag you’re carrying

Theft of property from storage at permanent workplace

Combating long-tailed silverfish, bed bugs, cockroaches

Up to NOK 50 000

Bad luck insurance

Moving insurance

ID theft

Use the table as a guide. See terms and conditions for detailed coverage overview.

Bad luck insurance

Get bad luck insurance included with fulle comprehensive contents insurance. You can also buy separate valuables insurance for things you are particularly afraid of losing – it covers even more than bad luck.

Two men unpacking a cardboard box

Moving insurance

Moving insurance is included when you have fully comprehensive contents insurance This covers damage to and theft of household contents that occurs during transport and loading/unloading between the home and the vehicle.

If you use a moving company, their insurance applies. Therefore, remember to find out what kind of insurance they have before you sign an agreement.

Questions and answers

Woman working on a sofa

Contents insurance when renting

Both the landlord and tenant must each have their own contents insurance to be covered.

For tenants

A tenant is not considered a permanent member of a household and is not covered by the landlord’s contents insurance. Whether you live in a dormitory, shared house or rent an apartment, you should have insurance that covers your things.

For landlords

Contents insurance covers you and other permanent members of the household in accordance with the terms and conditions. A tenant is not considered to be a permanent member of the household and must therefore have their own insurance.

If you have house insurance at DNB and are renting out parts of your home, you must remember to inform us so you get landlord’s insurance as an add-on. Remember that it’s good idea to have both contents and house insurance with the same company. You only pay one excess and settlement is easier should your home be subject to damage.

More insurance policies

Fremtind Forsikring

As a DNB customer, you get insurance supplied by Fremtind Forsikring – one of Norway’s largest insurance providers, with extensive experience. You are still a customer of DNB, and should contact us if you want to buy insurance, make changes, make a claim or have any questions.

To give you an offer, DNB will share your personal data with Fremtind. You can see how this is processed in Fremtind’s personal privacy statement.

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