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Corporate Mastercard

The credit card for all large and small expenses such as goods purchases, online shopping, parking and employee travel. Now with our new Corporate Card app for a complete overview and control.

Corporate Mastercard. Illustration.
  • Choose between corporate liability (requires 2 years’ accounts) or private liability

  • Full overview on aggregate invoice every month

  • Up to 55 days interest-free credit and flexible repayment of bills

Apply for a Corporate Mastercard

By clicking here, you will be sent to SEB Kort (SEB Card) which is our credit card supplier for businesses.

Corporate Mastercard

from 350 per year

Effective interest rate for repaying NOK 15 000 over 12 months is from 28.45% - 29.22%. Cost: from NOK 2 022.50 - NOK 2 067.50, total from NOK 17 022.50 - NOK 17 067.50.

Credit card for work-related expenses

Advantages for the cardholder:

  • Separate app that gives you a full overview of your purchases, outstanding balance, PIN code, archiving of receipts etc.
  • Secure online shopping. Purchases are approved via the Corporate Card app
  • good travel insurance
  • Register your card in a digital wallet for easier payments (Vipps, Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay, Swatch Pay or Fidesmo).

Full overview of your credit card

Download the Corporate Card app today and get a full overview of your card.

  • Read more about the Corporate Card app
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Kortadmin (Card admin) for the company’s administrator

Get full control with Kortadmin (Card admin). Order and cancel cards with corporate liability, see invoices and incoming payments, etc.

Do you have any questions about Corporate Mastercard?

If you cannot find an answer in the Corporate Card app or Card Admin, you can call customer services on 21 01 50 01.

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Advantages for the business

Automatic travel insurance

If you pay at least 50 per cent of the journey’s travel costs with your card, you get automatic travel insurance.

Discount on Avis car rental

If you use your DNB Corporate Mastercard, Avis will give you up to 17.5 per cent discount on car rental.

Corporate Mastercard FAQ

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