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Security deposit account

Security when renting or letting a residential or commercial property.

An apartment building
  • Security for overdue rent and damage to the rental object

  • The account is blocked so neither the landlord nor the tenant can withdraw money alone

A security deposit account costs

NOK 500

This price applies to opening an account via the online bank.
Manual opening costs NOK 1250.

Open a security deposit account

It’s common to open a security deposit account when renting or letting a home or business premises. The tenant puts in the security deposit and the account is then blocked so that neither the tenant nor the landlord can withdraw the money alone.

The landlord pays the cost of opening the security deposit account. The deposit amount cannot be greater than six months’ rent.

Useful information about the account

The account is ordered by the landlord. To open an account, the tenant must be over 18 years old. The tenant owns the account and receives the interest unless otherwise agreed.

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The following must be in place before you open the account:

Established customer account

Landlord and tenant must be registered as customers in DNB


Electronic copy of signed tenancy agreement.


Address of rental property

Tenant’s personal data

Tenant’s name, national identity number, email and phone number.

How to open a security deposit account

See how to open a security deposit account (2:23 min)

Close a security deposit account

Closing a security deposit account can be initiated by either the landlord or tenant and must be carried out by a user with orderer rights in the online bank

Security deposit account FAQ

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