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Get a full overview of your transactions. We have all of the account types you need for your business.

  • Full control of incoming and outgoing payments

  • More accounts give you a better overview

  • You can easily open an account in the corporate online bank

Accounts for every need

Most businesses need at least one account, namely a corporate current account. To get a better overview it can be worth opening several accounts so you can create your own system.

We also have account types for people with other requirements.

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Corporate current account

An account for all types of incoming and outgoing payments. It is suitable for all company types and you can easily connect corporate cards to the account.

  • Read more about corporate accounts

Tax withholding account

Legally required for companies that pay salaries or pensions to employees. The account is used to set aside money to pay the tax authorities.

Fixed rate deposits

A safe form of saving that gives you a predictable return and the same interest rate in the lock-in period regardless of rate changes in the market.

Corporate savings account

A good option when you have surplus cash and are looking for a higher return than in an ordinary corporate account.

Security deposit account

Security for renting and letting residential and commercial properties. The account is blocked so that neither the tenant nor the landlord can withdraw money alone.

Client account

An account for lawyers, estate agents, fund managers, debt collection agencies and other businesses that are subject to special regulations about holding and managing client funds.

Currency account

A foreign currency account ensures you receive money in a certain currency and you can choose when you want to exchange it. By choosing when the money should be exchanged, you reduce the risk of losing money on the exchange rate.

Account and liquidity control systems

We offer different models of account and liquidity control systems. We work with you to find the best and most value-creating solutions.

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