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DNB Markets offers derivatives trading exclusively to professional investors and businesses


We offer derivatives trading in equities, energy, shipping and oil for professional customers.

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  • For adjusting portfolio risk

  • For positioning against an expected situation in a market

  • For short-term trading

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NOTE: For equity derivative trading, please contact a stockbroker. See contact info at the bottom of the page.

What are derivatives?

Derivatives are a common term for all types of securities that depend on the development of another security, for example an index, a share or a commodity. The most common derivatives are purchase and sales options, as well as futures. Derivatives can be used for positioning for either price increases or declines in a market, often as a hedge against large price fluctuations for dependencies on raw materials.

At DNB Markets, we offer derivatives trading for professionals.

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Trading derivatives requires special conditions

In DNB Markets, we do not allow retail customers to trade in derivatives. This is due to both complexity and risk.

If you want to trade derivatives such as options, warrants, forwards or futures, you must fill in a declaration form to become classified as a professional (MiFID).

If you are classified as a professional or as a corporate customer, you also need an LEI number to trade derivatives.

Read more about LEIs and MiFID

Equity derivatives trading

DNB Markets is the leading player in the derivative market on the Oslo Stock Exchange. We have a strategy that ensures the long-term presence in the Norwegian derivative market. Our market is pricing all standardised derivatives on the Oslo Stock Exchange, and prices for ad-hoc options and instalments. In addition, we offer the following services:

  • Trading stock exchange-listed derivatives in Europe and the US.
  • A weekly derivatives report containing information about volatility that is available to our customers.
  • Derivative trading through our brokers for both professional and institutional customers. Our regional brokers forward derivative trading to the team in Oslo.

You can call the equity derivatives team on (+47) 24 16 91 90

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As a private individual, you can invest in commodities through exchange traded funds (ETFs). These are sold in our equity trading service.

Can non-professionals invest in commodities in any way?

As a retail customer, you cannot trade in derivatives, but you can use one of the many Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) we offer in our online equity trading. Here you’ll find both geared and ungeared ETFs.* If you have faith in either a rise or a decline in the price of a raw material and want to take a position, these are good options.

Read more about ETFs

*NOTE: Before you potentially start trading in derivatives or geared products, it is very important that you understand how trading with such products works. Depending on which products you choose, the risk can be very high. In DNB Markets, we assume no responsibility, either for direct or indirect losses, as a result of the content of this website being the basis for investment decisions.

You should also familiarise yourself with our terms and conditions of business.

Read about how we have an integrated sustainability perspective in our advice.

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