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Makes it possible for you to buy a new home before you sell your old one.

Moving couple
  • Up to 6 month term

  • Interest-only loans

What is bridge financing?

If you’re buying a new home before you’ve sold your old one, you may need a temporary loan. We call this bridge financing.

When an old home is sold, you can pay off the loan with the equity tied up in the home.

How does bridge financing work?

Bridge financing is a separate loan with up to 6 months’ duration, which allows you to buy and take over a new home before you sell the old one. This makes it easy for you to keep a good overview of short- and long-term loans.

When the sale of the old home has been completed, the bridging loan is repaid with the equity that was tied up in the home.

How do I apply?

Apply for a pre-qualification letter and choose purchase and sale of homes. An adviser will contact you and give you answers on the application.

See what the home mortgage will cost you

Test different loan amounts and see the monthly cost.

  • Mortgage calculator

How much is your home worth?

Find out how much your home is worth in the current market.

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