Nordic-American Healthcare Conference 2023

Speakers and panelists

Day I - Emerging Growth Sesson

  • Speakers and panelists

Day I - Nordic SME Program, Lion's Den

Day II: Markets Session

Day I: Emerging Growth Session

  • Andreas Dirnagl

    Senior Advisor, Healthcare DNB Bank

    Andreas Dirnagl NAHC Panelist

  • Anne Grabe

    Global Head of Healthcare, DNB Bank

    Anne Grabe NAHC23

  • Alison Schecter

    CMO, Head of R&D, Axcella, Sarepta, Sanofi

    Alison Schecter NAHC23

  • Anders Månsson

    CEO, Oncoinvent

    Anders Månsson Oncoinvent

  • Blake Marggraff

    CEO, Lightbeam Health Solutions

    Blake Marggraff Lightbeam Health Solutions NAHC Panelist

  • Carsten Borring

    Head of Listings and Capital Markets, Nasdaq Copenhagen

    Carsten Borring Nasdaq NAHC Panelist

  • Christopher Leo

    Managing Director Healthcare Strategy, Back Bay Life Science Advisors

    Christopher Leo BackBay Life Science NAHC Panelist

  • Dan Schneider

    CEO, PhotoCure

    Dan Schneider CEO Photocure NAHC Day1

  • Gareth Hicks

    Vice President & Head Gastrointestinal, Drug Discovery Takeda

    Gareth Hicks Takeda NAHC Panelist

  • Gaye Bok

    Partner, AI and Digital Innovation Fund Mass General Brigham

    Gaye Bok MGB NAHC Panelist

  • Gregory Benning

    Managing Director and Head of Investment Banking, Back Bay Life Science Advisors

    Gregory Benning BBLSA NAHC Panelist

  • Homer Pien

    Former Chief Scientific Officer, Philips

    Homer Pien NAHC Panelist

  • James Cirenza

    Managing Director, DNB Markets

    James Cirenza DNB Markets NAHC Panelist

  • Jonathan Gertler

    Chief Executive Officer, Back Bay Life Science Advisors

    Jonathan Gertler BBLSA NAHC Panelist

  • Maha Malik

    Investment Banking Associate Director, DNB Markets

    Maha Malik NAHC 23

  • Marcela Del Carmen

    Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Biology, Harvard Medical School; Massachusetts General Physicians Organization, President; Executive Vice President, Mass General Brigham

    Marcela del Carmen Mass General Brigham NAHC Panelist

  • Martin Jönsson

    CEO, AlzeCure Pharma

     Martin Jönsson AlzeCure Pharma NAHC

  • Ole Vorm

    CEO, Evosep

    Ole Vorm Evosep NAHC Day1

  • Oskar Bosson

    VP, Head of IR & Communication, BioArctic

    Oskar Bosson BioArctic NAHC Day1

  • Patrick Moriarty

    Executive Director, Business Development Merck

    Patrick Moriarty Panelists NAHC 2023

  • Peter Bak

    Managing Director Healthcare Strategy, Back Bay Life Science Advisors

    Peter Bak BBLSA NAHC Panelist

  • Sebastian Intveen

    Director, Healthcare Investment Banking, DNB Markets

    Sebastian Intveen

  • Sebastian Søderberg

    CEO, Bactolife

    Sebastian Søderberg Bactolife NAHC Day1

  • Steve Gauldie

    Managing Director Healthcare Strategy, Back Bay Life Science Advisors

    Steve Gauldie BBLSA NAHC Panelist

  • Thomas Holm Pedersen

    CEO, NMD Pharma

    Thomas Holm Pedersen

  • Thomas N. Kledal

    CEO, Synklino

    Thomas Kledal Synklino NAHC Day1

  • Thomas Tangen

    Head of Healthcare USA, DNB Corporate Banking

    Thomas Tangen DNB NAHC Panelist

  • Torben Sandgren,


    Torben UNEEG NAHC

  • Vasilios Kofitsas

    Managing Director Investment Banking, Back Bay Life Science Advisors

    Vasilios Kofitsas Back Bay Life Science NAHC Panelist

  • Ilir Mujalovic

    Partner, Shearman & Sterling

    Ilir Mujalovic

Day I - Nordic SME Program, Lion's Den

  • Nalinava Sen Gupta

    CEO and Boardmember of iNANOD

    Nalina Inanod  Innovation Norway Day1

  • Thomas Due

    Boardmember of iNANOD

    Thomas Due- iNANOD Lions Den

  • Patrik Strömberg

    CEO, AnaCardio

    Patrik Strömberg AnaCardio Lions Den

  • Åge Nærdal

    CEO and Co-founder of InsuLife

    Åge InsuLife Lions Den

  • Knut Løkke

    CEO and Founder of MyWorkout

    Knut Løkke Myworkout Lions Den

  • Michael Rützler

    CEO and co-founder of Apoglyx

    Michael ApoGlyx Lions Den

  • Gaute Naespe

    CEO, Emergence AS | Inform Life™

    Gaute Naespe Emergence Lions Den

  • Dr. Verena Schöwel-Wolf

    CEO and co-founder of MyoPax

    Schoewel Wolf MyoPax Lions Den

  • Jeppe. C. Mouritsen

    MSc, DSc and founder of Henlez

    Jeppe Newer Henlez Lions Den

Day II: Markets Session

Deltakere på konferanse

On day two we present the best publicly-traded Nordic biopharma and medical technology companies focused in areas with high patient needs, including cancer, GI, metabolism, neurology, rare diseases, transplantation, vaccines, and others. In addition, come hear from our expert panel on the current state of the Global Healthcare Capital Markets and where we are headed.

See list of speakers and panelists below.

External speakers and panelists

  • David Heiberg Landsted

    Investor Relations Manager, Novo Nordisk

    David Heiberg Landsted NAHC

  • Daniel Rankin

    Head of Strategy and Corporate Development, SOBI

    Daniel Rankin NAHC

  • Joel Morales

    EVP & Chief Financial Officer, Alvotech

    Joel Morales NAHC

  • Kristoffer Nordstrom


    Kristoffer Nordstrom NAHC

  • Renee Aguiar-Lucander

    CEO, Calliditas Therapeutics

    Renée Aguiar-Lucander NAHC

  • Frederik Johansson

    CFO, Calliditas Therapeutics

    Frederik Johansson NAHC

  • Oskar Bosson

    VP Communications and Investor Relations, BioArctic

    Oskar Bosson NAHC

  • Per Plotnikof

    VP Corporate Communications, Investor Relations and Strategic Planning, ALK-Bello

    Per Plotnikof NAHC

  • Carlos de Sousa

    CEO, Ultimovacs

    Carlos de Sousa Ultimovacs

Palle Holm Oleson

Chief Specialist Investor Relations, Lundbeck

Ralf Sass Sorensen

VP Investor Relations and Communications, Bavarian Nordic

Day II - Internal speakers and panelists

Jonatan Andersson

Equity Research Analyst, DNB Markets Stockholm

Patrik Ling

Senior Equity Research Analyst, DNB Markets Stockholm

Rune Majlund Dahl

Senior Equity Research Analyst, DNB Markets Oslo

Sebastian Intveen

Director - Healthcare Investment Banking, DNB Markets Oslo

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