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The LEI number must be updated annually. Start the process well in advance - it may take some time!

Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

LEI must be established for companies to trade securities, Order the LEI number from one of the providers in the list below.

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If you want to trade in financial instruments on behalf of a company, you must provide a LEI number. Unfortunately, we do not issue LEI, but you can order from one of the providers we recommend on this page.

All companies must state LEI

The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) initiative is designed to create a global reference data system that uniquely identifies every legal entity or structure, in any jurisdiction, that is party to a financial transaction.

To trade in financial instruments on behalf of a company you must first order a LEI-number through an authorised LEI provider*. See list of LEI providers below.

Each unit needs only one LEI number. The number can be used at all banks and investment firms you trade with, for various purposes where ID is required.

The LEI number must be updated every year

Make sure to maintain the ability to trade financial instruments with a valid LEI number. The number must be updated annually. Start the renewal process well in advance!

* To clarify we would like to emphasize that currency spot is not covered by «financial instruments» according to MiFID II and EMIR. Customers who only shop spot do not need LEI.

How much does it cost?

DNB Markets is not a provider of LEI, but according to what we experience the annual cost is normally +/- NOK 1000,-

Check the webpages of the different providers to get the specifics.

There are several providers of LEI numbers. Your company only needs one LEI, which can be used by all banks and investment firms.

List of LEI providers

If your company does not have a LEI number, you can create one by using one of the following authorized providers:


London Stock Exchange

WM Datenservice



As a rule, there is a fee to establish LEI and then an annual maintenance fee. DNB's customers are free to choose a provider.

More information about LEI and providers can be found at www.gleif.org and www.leiroc.org.


Mandated by ESMA

The use of the LEI has been mandated by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) for the reporting purposes under EMIR and MiFID II. More information can be found on ESMA's webpage.

DNB's LEI number

DNB Markets is part of the legal entity DNB Bank ASA, which has LEI number: LEI 549300GKFG0RYRRQ1414

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