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Ally Lawyer

As a Ung customer with us, you get access to safe and reasonable legal assistance.

Girls sitting on a sofa

Your benefits include

25% discount on the ordinary hourly rate on the ordinary hourly rate

In addition to cost free templates, you also get 15 minutes’ review with a lawyer.

Ally can help you with your legal questions.

Ally is a law firm that consists of skilled and experienced lawyers. Ally makes it easy, straightforward and predictable to get legal help – at a price you understand.

Ally also offers many ready-made digital templates that you can fill out yourself

Get free access to ready-made templates from Ally

Do you need a cohabitant’s contract or a template for a gift certificate? As an Ung (Young Adults) customer, you get free access to a number of digital legal documents and templates from Ally.

Your benefits as an Ung (Young Adults) customer also include a discount on legal assistance. With Ally, you can rest assured that you get the help you need at great prices.

Cohabitation agreement

If you have a cohabitant, you should definitely have a cohabitation agreement. It might be a good idea for a lawyer to set up with you.

  • Get help with a cohabitation agreement

25% discount on the ordinary hourly rate

Do you have any legal questions? With us, you’ll get help from a lawyer to deal with all your questions and challenges, regardless of the subject.

Gift certificate and inheritance

Give a cash gift or inheritance in a gift certificate. Get help from a lawyer to create a gift certificate for you.

Prenuptial agreement*

Get help to create a prenuptial agreement to secure yourself and your assets by way of a divorce.

Power of attorney for the future

Get help setting up a power of attorney for the future to secure a secure contract and power of attorney.


A will can create conflicts, with the help of a lawyer you can get a secure will.

Not included in the fee for judicial registration

*Storage of will at the District Court costs NOK 944

*Judicial registration of the spouse’s package costs NOK 1516.00

How to make use of the agreement

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