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DNB Accounting

An accounting program for all businesses!

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  • 30 days free, no obligation

  • Banking and accounting in one place

  • Customised for clubs and associations

Try DNB Accounting now!

Only available in Norwegian

Accounting system for small and large businesses, clubs and associations

You get smart solutions that make accounting easier and more efficient. The system provides a good overview of income and expenses, tidy invoicing, and the market’s best integration with banks, so that bank reconciliation happens automatically.

Make your workday more efficient – try DNB Accounting free for 30 days now!

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Banking and accounting in one place

With the market’s smartest integrations with banks, you get your bank right in your accounting system. You can set up the integration within a few minutes and can immediately work and make payments in one go, making the accounting job simpler and more efficient.

Good support and guidance

We are always here to help so you can get done what you need to get done. VAT, annual settlement and bank reconciliation are all themes in regular webinars and system advisers or accountants are available via chat. You will also find articles and training materials in the help centre

Explanation of DNB Accounting

(Time 1:46 min, in Norwegian only)

Choose the package that suits you best:


Mini - the simplest package

129 NOK/month*

*Price excluding VAT


Suitable for smaller businesses, clubs and associations. Mini is perfect for those who prefer to be self-reliant and have few annual transactions. Suitable for 0-1 employees.

  • Invoicing and accounts
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Payroll for one employee
  • Invoice interpretation
  • VAT submission

Pluss - the package that suits most businesses

249 NOK/month*

*Price excluding VAT

Pluss - best value for money

Suitable for businesses, clubs and associations with a higher quantity and more complex needs and transactions than Mini. Suitable for 0–10 employees.

  • All of Mini’s features
  • Quotes and orders
  • Assets and depreciation
  • Reminders/debt collection
  • Project
  • Budgeting
  • Working hours tracking
  • More users and companies

Komplett - for large companies

499 NOK/month*

*Price excluding VAT


A full-featured solution with budgeting, forecasting and expanded reporting. Suitable for 10+ employees.

  • All of Pluss’s features
  • Approval rules
  • Role management
  • Advanced reports
  • Customisation

Clubs and associations

179 NOK/month*

*Price excluding VAT

Clubs and associations

The same as the Pluss package, but with separate prices. Suitable for all clubs and associations and makes the treasurer’s job easier.

  • Adapt accounts/account plans to clubs and associations
  • Collect membership fees in a smart way
  • Do the accounts for different departments, branches or subgroups
  • Import income from member systems
  • Extra users and double approval included


DNB Accounting is integrated with several systems, such as cash register systems, debt collection and e-commerce sites.

Popular integrations:

  • Moment
  • Avare logistikk
  • Kravia
  • Zettle by Paypal

Invoice by mobile

With DNB Accounting, you can invoice your customers while on the move. This ensures incoming payments arrive on time, and also saves you a lot of work. Take pictures of vouchers and they will be ready for bookkeeping straight away.

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DNB Accounting FAQ

Useful tips

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Good finance and accounting routines

With good routines, you get better control of your finances and accounting. This is important for building a successful, stable and growing company.

  • Read more

Run the annual settlement in DNB Accounting

The annual settlement for private limited companies and sole proprietorships is now available. You can activate the module while logged in to DNB Accounting.

young woman with a computer

Five things you should remember as a business owner

We chat to thousands of corporate customers every single day and here are the five things that we see business owners often forget.

What you need to know about VAT

VAT or Value Added Tax is something many companies have questions about. In simple terms, VAT is a tax that is charged on the exchange of products and services.

Help doing the accounts

Accountancy offices that partner with DNB can help you and your business with accounting and financial services, so you can focus on the important things.

Help and support

Whatever your query, there’s fantastic help available. Our help pages contain videos, articles and webinars you can sign up to.

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