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Growth financing

Scaling a business is capital intensive and there are many ways to finance growth. Get advice on how we can help you grow.

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Financing growth

It’s mainly about utilising support schemes, obtaining capital and applying for loans. It can be demanding to keep track of all the options and what would be the ideal combination of equity and debt. As a bank, we wish to be a dependable adviser to you in this process.

Support schemes:

These are grants from government agencies such as The Research Council of Norway, Innovation Norway, The SkatteFUNN Tax Incentive Scheme and various EU schemes that can be attractive sources of capital for you in the early growth phase. We are very familiar with the various support schemes and can help you with advice on which scheme is best for you.


Basically, equity financing involves investors buying a share of the company. Before you enter into a dialogue with potential investors, you should think, among other things, about how much money you will raise, from whom, by which time and at what valuation.

Things to think about when in dialogue with investors:

How do companies fund growth?

Growth expert Maria explains (6:57 mins) (in Norwegian only)


Loan financing is appropriate when you have the ability to pay down debt and the possibility to place security for the loan. Loans can be offered from the government, banks and private investors. Common to all of these is an assessment of the risk and your ability to repay the loan.

We have a toolbox of loan products that are adapted to short-term and long-term needs, and we’ll be able to provide advice on what’s most suitable for your growth company.

  • Growth guarantee scheme: We work together with Innovation Norway to offer loans under the growth guarantee scheme, and we have helped several hundred growth companies with this type of loan. It’s an attractive loan scheme in which we offer a loan and Innovation Norway places a loss guarantee. Read more about the scheme here
  • Growth loan: This is a loan that can be offered to selected growth companies in a pilot phase in 2021-2022. Growth loans will be considered for attractive growth companies within selected sectors and where the company’s business model has big potential in a global market.


In recent years, crowdfunding has seen massive growth in Norway. Equity-based crowdfunding or loan-based crowdfunding will generally be the most relevant during a growth phase.

Equity based: Here the business approaches investors directly via a platform. One of the advantages is exposure to many potential investors. A disadvantage can be that ownership interest can be spread out across a number of smaller shareholders who are primarily concerned with a return rather than how they can help the business in its growth phase.

Loan based: Here, many individuals get together to provide a loan to a business through a crowdlending platform. As with the banks, the crowdlenders make a thorough assessment of the cases before they are added to the platform.

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We are always working to make it easier for your business to grow. We guide you through the maze of everything you need to keep in mind.

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