DNB Bedrift app - Corporate mobile banking service

If you have access to DNB Connect, you can also access the mobile banking service. Mobile banking is just as safe as online banking.
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To download the DNB Bedrift app use the link below. For windows-phones, use in your mobile browser.
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We offer the following mobile banking services:
You can use the mobile banking service to transfer funds between accounts in Norway. You have the same rights and accesses as in DNB Connect.
  • Account overview – accounts held in and outside Norway
  • Latest transactions
  • Transfer between own accounts in the same currency
  • Payments to other accounts in Norway
  • Payment overview  - pending and executed payments
  • Approval of payments
  • Approval of files
  • Alert services
  • Equities trading – purchase/sale of equities, and overviews of portfolios and share prices
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You can log in with your personal Norwegian mobile BankID, or with your password calculator.

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